Reach More Of The Right People On Facebook – Preferred Audiences

Reach More Of The Right People On Facebook – Preferred Audiences

Posted by Go Limitless | 3rd July 2017 | Marketing Strategy, News, Social Media

If you’ve been using Facebook for a while now, you’ll have probably noticed that organic reach has dropped significantly. Many people say that it has become a ‘pay to play’ platform — and I do agree, to an extent. It isn’t possible to reach all of your page followers with an organic post every time. Between hundreds or thousands of friends & ‘liked’ pages — there is just not enough space in the news feed for every post.

As a result, many businesses have experienced organic reach dropping from 12% to 6%, and often as low as 2%. Hence why it is often the case that marketers must turn to the paid side of Facebook to increase engagement and reach their fan-base.

There is a feature you can use to help get the right eyes on your posts, without spending any money. That is, the ‘preferred audiences’ tool. It’s been around for a while now, though it seems a lot of marketers are still unaware of it!

In a nutshell, this tool acknowledges that your post is not going to reach all of your following, and allows you to ‘prefer’ which users’ news feeds you’d like to reach based on their interests.

You may need to enable this feature in your settings first. Here’s how:

First, head over to your business page & click on settings

Now, under the ‘general’ tab, you’ll find a setting called ‘audience optimisation for posts’. Click edit, turn it on if it isn’t already — and voila!

Once that is done, when publishing a post on your business page, you’ll now see an icon that looks like this:

Now, if you’re only going to reach as little as 2–6% of your page followers — we should make sure it’s the right 2–6%. We can do this by using preferred audiences and audience restrictions.

Preferred audiences, as the name suggests, allows you to use interest-based targeting, similar to how you’d set up a Facebook advert. Just for the sake of an example — let’s say I’m running the Facebook page for a sports magazine. This particular article that I want to promote is specifically about tennis, therefore I can pick out some tennis-related interests in my preferred audience to increase engagement:

The audience restrictions tab allows you to pick out specific geographical areas and demographics that should see your posts. Remember if you decide to use this feature, nobody apart from this group will see the post — so be sure that it’s worth it! If you have a page with a national or international following, but are promoting a local / location-specific event or offer, decreasing your overall reach could be worth an increased reach in that specific area.

And that’s it! Just a quick tip to get more out of your organic posts on Facebook. Hope you found this useful.