Blackwell Grange Christmas Brochure Design

At Go Limitless Marketing we have had the pleasure of working with some of the leading businesses in their fields within the North East and Yorkshire.  Some are household names and others not necessarily so but when we had the opportunity to start providing marketing support to the Blackwell Grange Hotel in Darlington, it came with great excitement for ourselves.  As a leading venue within the region, we knew the importance of ensuring the highest quality of service was provided and attention to detail was crucial.  The first project we worked on with the Blackwell Grange Hotel has been their Christmas brochure for 2017 and it has received amazing feedback from their senior management on the quality of the end product we have provided, as well as the amazing value for money received.

On the back of the these results within the first project, we are now working on a number of other designs with the Blackwell Grange Hotel, and very much look forward to continuing to work with them moving forward.  For more information on the Blackwell Grange Hotel, click below to view their website.

Created by Go Limitless | 23rd July 2017 | Graphic Design, Print