Ecomode LED Product Logo Design

Go Limitless were approached by LED Supply and Fit based in Newton Aycliffe for a new product logo design for their own new range of LED lighting.

The project started right from the core of finding a new name for the product.  The LED marketplace is an extremely crowded one as companies from across the world aim to maximise the movement towards more energy efficient lighting.  As a result finding a brand name that will stand out from the crowd and be original was the first challenge that was accepted and achieved.

Next was the product logo design that incorporated assessing the choice of brand colours, font and icon that would immediately capture the eye within the crowded marketplace.  The end product is one that can be seen here and we look forward to working with LED Supply and Fit as the brand starts to grow.

For more information on LED Supply and Fit click here.

Created by Go Limitless | 21st October 2016 | Branding