Hereford House Branding

Starting out with a company at the beginning of its life is an exciting time for you.  Here you can see the new logo for Hereford House.  This new company provides equine rehabilitation services around County Durham and North Yorkshire.

The image of the business needed to be professional and clearly understood based on the type of client they were looking for.  This has been well achieved and the client is happily progressing to a new website to be made with ourselves.  With our unique model of being able to support a client through the entire marketing journey it ensures time effectiveness and 100% brand continuity.

With the positive feedback thus far and the makings for some quality promotional material, and a highly competitive website, we will then be able to drive the marketing of the new business forward utilising the strong foundations that we will have built for them.  It is projects like these that really provide the full essence of why when you Go Limitless, we remove all limitations of growth for your company.

Created by Go Limitless | 16th January 2018 | Branding