Social Media Management

Over 3.2 billion social media users worldwide; ensuring that your business has a high quality presence has never been more important.


The biggest challenge that businesses face when approaching social marketing is time. Although there is no cost to having business pages on popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram etc., they do require time. Time though is a cost and is our most valuable commodity. We have the time that you don’t to manage and enhance your social marketing.

What our services involve

Put simply, we manage social media accounts. From just £250+VAT per month, our digital marketing experts will manage your company’s accounts and ensure that your social media works in harmony with your wider marketing activity.


We take the time to get to know your business, your customers and your desired audience. Our content is original, honest and fully researched to ensure it is always relevant, up-to-date and authentic. We ensure that you can focus on the day-to-day running of your business, safe in the knowledge that promotion of your products, successes and core messages is being taken care of.

I could not recommend Go Limitless enough, top professional approach, fresh perspective on e-commerce and a fantastic ability to find practical solutions to every scenario.

Jordan Ferro - Watch & Bullion

It all starts with a Social Media Audit

We carry out a full audit across all of our your social media channels. During our social media audit, we use a variety of tools to dive deep into your social presence, assess your social media performance, we analyze competitors’ activity and make recommendations for your social channels that align with your business objectives.

When it comes to content, too many brands focus on what they want to share with their audience and don’t stop to think about what their audience actually wants to see. It’s important to make sure that the content you’re creating or sharing is actually relevant to your audience. And to do this, you need to understand exactly who your audience is before deciding on your content and social strategies.

Next, we start segmenting your target audiences enables you to appropriately and effectively target them through a range of different content and outreach strategies. Once we’ve fully explored the landscape and understand where opportunity exists, we then segment the target audience to enable appropriate targeting. We start this process in partnership with you as you may want to explore who you feel your target audiences are, and who you wish to reach out to.

Paid Social

Paid social is an important and effective channel for engaging with and converting your consumers. As the social networks look to generate more revenue, marketers have to pay to achieve big social results. Dwell times, advanced targeting and massive reach make it an attractive option for many marketers. We help you understand where your consumers are interacting online and the best way to engage with them.